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Meet your working capital requirements, purchase assets, improve your agribusiness enterprise effortlessly with our affordable credit products.


Trust Agro


Trust Agro Financing is a unique product from Finance Trust that caters for all individuals and businesses that are involved in agriculture at production, processing, marketing and investment levels.

Do you wish to purchase seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, farm implements, and livestock?

Do you want to purchase agricultural produce and process it from its raw form to a product that fetches more value when marketed?

Do you deal in produce, poultry and poultry products, fish, fishing implements – nets, fruits and vegetables, livestock and other agro inputs?

Whether it is savings you need, working capital, or investment capital you need, we have tailored Trust Agro Financing to your different needs. And what’s more, Trust Agro Financing is available all over the country at all our 36 branches.

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