Corporate Profile

Finance Trust Bank, a Tier 1 Financial institution was granted an operating licence on 11th November 2013 taking over the business of Uganda Finance Trust Limited (MDI). Finance Trust Bank was first registered as an NGO in 1984 as “Uganda Women’s Finance and Credit Trust Limited” which later changed its name to “Uganda Women’s Finance Trust Limited” in 1997.  On 12th October 2005, Uganda Women’s Finance Trust Limited was licensed as a Microfinance Deposit taking Institution.

The bank offers a broad range of financial products and services, including lending operations, deposits accounts, money transfer services, utility bills collection and insurance services to small, medium companies, SMEs, institutions and high-income individuals. Finance Trust bank is also active in trade finance, asset management and treasury services. With its headquarters in Katwe, Finance Trust Bank operates a network of 36 branches, including one at Kalangala Islands. 70% of the bank's branches are located upcountry.

Our Vision                

“To be the Preferred and Affordable Microfinance Bank.”


“To provide customized financial services to low and medium income people, especially women, for poverty reduction with a focus on excellent customer experience and accessibility.”

Our Values                


As a company we stand by our personal principles of honesty, honor, and live by these principles as individuals, and as a team.  Integrity supports our dedication to give honest service, both internally and externally, and upholds our exceptionally high standard of excellence and ethical conduct.

 We demonstrate our integrity when we work with different members of our society, with honesty and respect for others, by honoring our commitments, accepting responsibility for our actions, being ethically unyielding and honest, and inspiring trust by saying what we mean and matching our behaviors to our words.


We build and maintain good relations amongst ourselves and with our customers.  We work as a team, care for each other and respect one another. We deliberately cooperate and help each other to achieve both individual and team goals.


We are just, fair and impartial people that embrace diversity. We acknowledge our differences and see them as an advantage. We uphold justice, fairness and impartiality in our conduct and decision making. Our driving force is the desire to leverage equity with internal and external stakeholders and to be recognized as leaders in diversity and equity.


We are responsive to the needs of customers in the most respectful, solution-oriented and helpful manner possible. We demonstrate responsiveness by taking the initiative to anticipate needs and being accountable for making sure that appropriate action is taken to resolve issues.

As an Employer         

The Company employs over 400 staff and they are our greatest assets. The bank aims at ensuring that its employees enjoy a safe and healthy working environment in which personal talent and merit are recognized, diversity is valued, privacy is respected, and the balance between professional and personal life is taken into account. The bank offers exciting personal opportunities for career growth when opportunities avail.

Our customers          

Finance Trust Bank offers a wide range of products and services across the sectors targeting micro, small and medium entrepreneurs as well as salary earners involved in a wide range of economic activities: The products include:

Loan products          

  • Agriculture Loans (across the value chain)
  • Business loan (individual and group)
  • School fees loan
  • Personal development loan
  • Mamas safe loan
  • Easy advance loan
  • Staff loan
  • Salary loan

Deposit products    

  • Trust savers
  • Current accounts
  • No - fee account
  • Youth progress
  • Mamas safe
  • Junior savers
  • Girls choice
  • Teen classic
  • Fixed deposit account


  • Money transfer services ( Through; Western Union, Money gram and mobile money, EFT, RTGS)
  • Utility bills collection ( National water, DSTV)
  • School fees collection
  • Micro-insurance ( indirectly provided by our insures)

Delivery Channels    

Finance Trust bank delivers its services through a range of delivery channels that include;

 Branches, the bank has 36 fully interconnected branches and our customers can conveniently transact from any of our branches.

  • Automated Teller Machines, the bank has its own ATM switch (Nimbus) with seven teller machines and is also a member of the interswitch. This gives our customers an opportunity to have access to over 100 ATM’s on the Interswitch network to give them timely access to their deposits.